Body Massage Therapies
Body Scrubs
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Face and Body Machine Treatments
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Hair Removal Treatment
Body Massage Therapies
Indulge your senses in a truly relaxing and rejuvenating aromatherapy massage. We offer specific and effective approaches to be responsive to your needs by combining the power of Aromatherapy and Massage Techniques.


Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy - Slimming massage technique using fire.

Chocolate Slimming Mud Therapy - Detoxify, exfoliate, and nourish the skin.

Cellulite Melter Massage - Increase body’s energy level for breakdown of cellulite.


Traditional Filipino Massage - Relieves body pain and restore body movements.

Combo Herbal Massage - A combination of Shiatsu and Swedish Massage.

Brazilian Crystal Massage - Uses Brazilian crystals to absorb negative energy.

Swedish Massage - Invigorates the body by increasing oxygen flow in blood.

Athlete’s Massage - Designed for sports-minded people.

Body Scrubs
Pamper your skin with this treatment that will surely leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and skin-beautiful.


Sahara Coconut Scrub - Heals and repairs skin and brings back its youthful look.

Oriental Pearl Scrub - Exfoliates, regenerates, and stimulates the skin.

Botanical Rice and Milk Scrub - Deeply moisturizes & counteract signs the aging.


Mediterranean Olive Scrub - Contains anti-oxidant to slow the signs of aging.

Biovegetal Enzyme Skin Peeling - Latest technology for skin whitening.


Intensive Body Whitening Treatment - Whitens dark pigments & repairs the skin.

Comfort Zone Monticelli Mud Treatment - Detoxifies skin using mud wrap.

Face and Body Machine Treatments
Technologically advanced spa treatments using different face and body machines for specific face and body enhancement needs.

Diamond Peel - Conditions skin by removing dry flaky & younger skin cells.

Revita Firm - A non-invasive approach for intensive skin tightening and lifting.

Revita Shape - Perfect for treating loose and sagging skin and cellulite.

Vitalift & L-Smart (Combo Facial Treatment) - Strengthens and firms muscles.

Skin Rejuvenation - Permanent removal of uneven skin tone and skin damage.

Spider Vein / Leg Treatment - Uses FPL machine to remove spider veins.

Wart Removal - Uses Electrocautery to remove warts using heat from electricity.

Facial Skin Care Treatments
Face pampering using a blend of aroma essentials, the latest beauty technology, and the technical expertise of our facial therapists.

Men’s Vitality Facial Treatment - Improves skin elasticity & vitalizes stressed skin.

Facial Collagen Treatment - Diminishes hyper-pigmentation and moisturizes skin.

T-Zone Clarity Facial Treatment - For problematic and blemished skin.

Effective Eye Zone Treatment - Alleviates water retention & fades dark eye circles.

Vitamin and Honey Facial Treatment - Improves oxygen metabolism.

Himalayan Raspberry Extract Facial Treatment - Anti-aging facial treatment.

Biodroga European Lifting Treatment - Treats aging-related skin problems.

Hand and Foot Treatments
Treat and indulge yourself to a relaxing break from over-work and busy schedule through an irresistable hand and foot treatment experience.

Hand Restoration - Lifts and smoothens wrinkled hands that restores youthful skin.

Foot Reflexology - Balances and boosts body energy, cures and prevents diseases.

Luxurious Foot Spa - Lightens and evens the discoloration on foot using foot mask.

Hair Removal Treatment
Get an instant flawlessly smooth and hairless face, arms, under arms, legs and other unwanted hairs with our hair removal treatments.

FPL / Laser Hair Removal - Removes unwanted hair faster, easier, and gentler that lasts longer using laser technology machine from Sweden.

Waxing Hair Removal - Removes hair at the roots and exfoliates the upper layer of skin that lasts up to four (4) weeks.